Green IO Conference

London - September 19th 2024

etc.venues 155 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 3YD Powered by Apidays
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Green IO Conference London

Apidays London and Green IO have partnered to bring you the latest insights from thought leaders in Tech Sustainability and hands-on feedback from practitioners scaling Green IT. 

Great hopes have been placed in IT and Digital Technologies to support our transition towards a low-carbon economy, but the digital sector itself emits as many greenhouse gases as the world's entire road freight. Let's make sure we clean our own house while helping to make the world a better place!

Hosted by Apidays, Green IO London takes place on September 19, 2024 in etc.venues, 155 Bishopsgate. Whether you are a seasoned sustainability advocate or someone new in this field, this event is your go-to place to decarbonize your tech stack. Expect candid conversations between practitioners and leaders alike; building bridges is in the DNA of Green IO.

Breaking news
Call for speakers is now opened! Apply here - select "Green IT and Sustainability (Green IO Conference)" - if you wish to share your experience about reducing the environmental footprint of Tech.


Meet the speakers

  • speaker Sandra Pallier

    Sandra Pallier

    Microsoft &
  • speaker Andri Johnston

    Andri Johnston

    Cambridge University Press & Assessment
  • speaker Sarah Hsu

    Sarah Hsu

    Green Software Foundation & Goldman Sachs
  • speaker Julie Dennis

    Julie Dennis

    Cambridge University Press & Assessment
  • speaker Alexander Dawson

    Alexander Dawson

  • speaker Chris Adams

    Chris Adams

    Green Web Foundation
  • speaker Tereze Gaile

    Tereze Gaile

  • speaker Mark Butcher

    Mark Butcher

    Posetiv Cloud Ltd
  • speaker Aiste Rugeviciute

    Aiste Rugeviciute

    La Rochelle University
  • speaker Thorsten Jonas

    Thorsten Jonas

    Sustainable UX Network
  • speaker James Martin

    James Martin

  • speaker Fiona Leibundgut

    Fiona Leibundgut

    Spark IT Consulting
  • speaker Sandra Sydow

    Sandra Sydow

    Planet On Stage
  • speaker Gaël DUEZ

    Gaël DUEZ


... and more to come!

Meet our partners

Members of the British Green IT ecosystem as well as our corporate partners will be available to exchange with you on how to accelerate your digital sustainability journey.

About Apidays

Apidays is the world's leading series of API conference. In today’s intricate digital landscape, APIs have emerged as powerful conduits for innovation, bridging the gaps and unlocking new realms of possibility.

The blossoming of tools and initiatives in greening IT is a heart-warming signal from the digital sector. More than ever sharing experience and insights is pivotal for actors to ramp-up their effort.
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Join us!

September 19th 2024 @ London

etc.venues 155 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 3YD